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10 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Solar Panels Online

If you’re looking to buy solar panels to join the green revolution, shopping online has become the easiest way to do so. But, as with shopping for anything online, there are certain things you should avoid to get the best product for your money. Let’s have a look at the top 10 mistakes to avoid when buying solar panels online in the UK.

 1. Not Knowing Your Energy Usage

Before you start shopping for solar panels, it’s important to know how much energy you’re currently using. This will help you determine your energy needs and the size of the system you need to buy. Determine how many appliances you have in your home and how many hours a day each of them operates.

 2. Not Doing Your Research

Always do a thorough research before settling on a particular brand or seller. Look at reviews from previous customers, inquire about warranty and maintenance information and bank on the most reliable brand.

3. Buying Cheap Panels


The saying “you get what you pay for” holds true in the world of solar panels too. Don’t be tempted to buy cheap solar panels as they may be less efficient, last a shorter time, or come with a short warranty. Invest in premium products for a reliable and long-lasting solar system.

4. Not Checking Certifications


Before buying any solar panels online, check the certifications of the product and their manufacturers. Certified products come with a guarantee of quality, which ensures maximum power efficiency and performance of the panels.

5. Not Checking the Compatibility with Your Current System


Do you have an off-grid or on-grid solar system? Make sure the solar panels you’re considering are compatible with your current system. Don’t forget to check the inverter compatibility as well.

6. Not Looking at the Cost of Installation


The cost of solar panels varies, but don’t forget to include installation costs when making your budget. The installation cost will depend on the placement of your panels on the roof, and the professionals you hire to do the installation.

7. Not Checking the Return Policy


Solar panels are an investment, and when buying online, it’s not always easy to know what to expect. Make sure you understand the return policy of the seller before you buy. Are they willing to refund or replace defective units?


8. Not Considering Your Roof Type


The type of roof you have affects the type of solar panels that will work well for you. Make sure to speak to Warma Solar who can advise on the best brands and models to buy depending on your roof type.


9. Not Planning for Regular Maintenance


Solar panels require regular maintenance to ensure their performance. When buying online, make sure you plan for regular maintenance and check the warranty for coverage in case of breakdown.


10. Not Getting Expert Advice


It’s always important to consult professionals before buying solar panels online. Solar salespeople can provide you with insight and expertise that will help you make the right decision and avoid costly mistakes.

Shopping for solar panels online can be overwhelming and risky at times, but if you take the precautions listed above, you’ll be able to make the best decision and get the best value for your money. Knowing your energy usage, doing your research, buying quality, checking certifications, and considering the compatibility with your current system are just some of the steps you need to take. Don’t forget the importance of regular maintenance and expert advice. By taking all these factors into consideration, you can invest in a reliable and long-lasting solar panel system.


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